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LIFE-SCREWBOTOX EFFECTPolyphenols, a hexapeptide with Botox effect, the isoflavones and vitamins constitute a true and comprehensive anti-aging treatment.

35,00 € VAT included

HIT DI FASTfacial peelingmild exfoliating gel with grape seed extract. Removes dead cells, promotes cell renewal and leaves skin luminous.Anti-wrinkle and circles ANTI DARK (15 ml.)

32,90 € VAT included

FRAPPÉ DI VITEFACE PEELINGSoft exfoliating gel with grape seed extract. Eliminates dead cells, promotes cell renewal and leaves skin luminous.

19,90 € VAT included

MUSTTRAT. SKIN NORM. And mixedMoisturizing fluid with grape polyphenols, vitamins and trace elements, which protect the skin against free radicals. It has a revitalizing action.

34,90 € VAT included

Soft self-moisturizing cream for normal and dry skin. The active ingredients of the formula act on the synthesis of skin hydration factors.

42,95 € VAT included

Intensive recovery cream for sensitive and reactive skin. It mimics the laminar structure of the skin. Reinforces and intensively repairs the epidermis.

28,46 € VAT included

Night cream for anti-aging care formulated with plant-based mother cells. Rich cream that redensifies the epidermis, strengthens the skin and keeps it firm, soft and supple.

56,00 € VAT included

Protective fluid by day. Anti-age care formulated with plant-based mother cells. Cell regenerative care because it has a great anti-aging activity.

56,00 € VAT included

Cream protective day moisturizer for dry skin with spf 6, provides optimal hydration throughout the day, its texture is extraordinarily soft provides a great feeling of comfort.

30,00 € VAT included

Exfoliating mineral facial with extract of moon rock and magnetite particles in suspension, eliminates the dead skin cells on the surface level and smooths the relief of the skin.

14,00 € VAT included

Tattoo Hydra Protect Nirvel - Brightness and HydrationCream that revives the colours of your tattoosAport to your tattoos a shine.

9,90 € VAT included

CONCENTRÉ ESSENTIELA generous natural multipurpose oil that helps tame the beaded, nourishes in depth and gives a cosmetic feel to the hair; smoothes and softens the skin.

35,10 € VAT included
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items