Nature shampoo for weakened hair and with bioseivas drop


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Hair weakened and falling
We emphasize in its composition an active tricogenic complex of vegetal origin, vital compound for the strengthening and development of new hair.

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Soy Sulfopeptides - a biosulphous supplement responsible for the synthesis of amino acids, an essential factor in the regulation of cellular nutrition and protein assimilation.
Glucosamine - vegetable glucose booster for strengthening the dermal papilla and consequently the hairy bulb.
Vitamins B5 and Biotin- B vitamins and trace element enhancement. Strengthening of the immune system.
Burdock root extract- anti-microbial, balances the flora of the scalp.
Ginseng- tonifies local circulation and cell proliferation, its rejuvenating capabilities prevent atrophy of the hair follicle.
Directions for use: Apply on wet hair and gently massage from root to tip for a few moments. Flush with plenty of water. Renew application if necessary. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Can be used often.
Packing: 300ml / 1000ml

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