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Dense hair with Gelee Stemoxydine 5% Neohesperidin 90 ml Serioxyl
This fluid, transparent serum is easy to apply. You will love its refreshing and stimulating effect after application. Do not rinse.

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Apply 8 pipettes to the scalp at the end of the day for 3 months. Massage with your fingertips until completely absorbed. Do not rinse.
This fluid, transparent serum is easy to apply. You will love its refreshing and stimulating effect after application. Do not rinse.
The lack of density usually occurs when the bulb remains in the dormancy phase.
> STEMOXYDINE, a patented molecule born 10 years of research. It has a maximum concentration of 5% to densify and stimulate hair.
> NEOHESPERIDINE, a flavonoid recognized for its antioxidant and scalp protection capabilities.
Dense hair - Increase hair number in three months
The capillary density
Loreal Professionnel, is revolutionizing the market with the launch of a new product that increases the number of wires per cm2.
It is Serioxyl, a solution for problems of poor hair thickness, either localized or general.
Treatment of the dense hair loss is not so strong that in case of hair loss treatment it is advisable to supplement with specific products to stop hair loss.
Denser Serioxyl Hair is an innovative serum for the scalp, which makes our hair more dense, promising a minimum of 1700 new hairs after the treatment for 3 months.
The serum Serioxyl Denser hair has a transparent appearance and a very smooth texture that allows for easy sharing in the scalp. Your application conveys an exciting feeling of immediate freshness.
It is applied directly on the scalp every night leather for a total of three months, accompanied by a light massage. No washing required.
The lack of hair density is caused by a high rate of dormant phase capillary bulbs. More dense hair acts directly on them again awakening.
Denser Hair is the result of research for over 25 years in the advanced laboratories of L'Oréal Professionnel. The result is a formula with a unique combination of two key active hair density.
The STEMOXYDINA 5% patented molecule, contributes to hair density and relaunches its activity. This action is complemented by Neo-hesperidin, a flavonoid with high antioxidant and helps protect the scalp. Both active ingredients act on hair stem cells helping to recreate a low oxygen environment. This hypoxic environment is conducive to awakening hair follicles that are dormant phase, thus creating up to 1,700 new hairs.
This technology makes Serioxyl Denser hair into a highly recommended after a period of intense seasonal fall or falls to regain the product of hair density. Serioxyl is suitable for both men and women.
Pipette application: fast and effective.
Daily Care: Apply 8 servings (6ml) daily on the scalp for a minimum period of 3 months.
Packing 90ml


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