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1- Shampoo definition of CURL (offer) 300ml
1- Mascara definition of CURL 200 ml
1- Water sage cream 100ml definition

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Silk Protein
Silk protein is a natural protein fiber with very good film-forming ability and high ability to retain the natural moisture of the hair and create a flexible film on it. Its low molecular weight favors the penetration inside the fiber and clogs the protein deficit that may exist.
Argan Oil
This oil has antioxidant properties in addition to a nutritive and preventive action of capillary fiber dehydration due to its composition in fatty acids, mainly the mono-saturated ones.
Micellar technology / micelles
The micellar technology relies on the cleansing power promoted by the micelle particles that guarantee an effective removal of all type of residues in the hair.
Directions for use: After shampooing Essence shampoo definition of snails, remove excess water, partition by hair and leave to act. Rinse thoroughly.
Packing 600ml

1 x

Hair with CURLWith soy protein and moisturizing agents, this compound responds to the nutrition needs of a hair with snails. Provides a better definition of the snail and leaves hair silky smooth.

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1 x

Cream s / pass through water definition of CURLThe cream definition and repair without going through water, for frequent application on dry or wet hair.

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Hair with curlThe mask conditions and allows an immediate disentangling of the hair. Argan oil provides a nutritious and preventive action of fiber dehydration.

From 19,59 € VAT included

Bioseivas essence coffret caracóis

Muito bom preço e qualidade!

Caracóis definidos

Estou a usar estes produtos e gosto.
deviam ser mais baratos!

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