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Mythical Oil Oil - L'Oréal Professionnel
Illuminates, softens, nourishes
All Hair Types
Favoring the disembarking
Mythic Oil, depending on the type of hair.You will see that the color becomes brighter and the hair becomes softer to the touch and easy to work with.

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Mythic Oil Original: Inspired by Eastern traditions, it penetrates instantly into the hair fiber and nourishes it intensely, disciplining the hair and providing a sublime shine. A couple of drops of this luxurious infusion of avocado oil and grapeseed oil sublimate all types of hair or style from the latest trends. Apply to dry or wet hair. Intense nourishment and revitalizing hair with essential oils following the Eastern traditions. ARGAN OIL: This precious oil, extracted from the legendary Moroccan Argan, is known for its fabulous hair care properties. Enriched with vitamin E, it is recognized for its deep nutrition and its disciplinary properties. Argan oil from Mithyc Oil It is marketed in a fair way: we support the local farming communities in Morocco as well as their biodiversity. MIRRA EXTRACT: ingredient very popular among Egyptians and Greeks for its benefits of treatment and repair of hair. Tested under dermatological control. Without parabens.
Consistency: oil
Hair Type: Thin / Average / Thin
Tip: This line has eleven carefully selected natural heads. Its scent and texture surround everything. Nutritive oil light greasy consistency, which can be used on all hair types in turn. The sensation of softness is instantaneous, leaving the hair nourished and hydrated. Promotes unwinding. With this oil you do not lose volume. This product works very well on fine hair in which the serum can not be applied due to problems of oiliness. Does not grease or hardens hair. You can apply the required amount since Mythic Oil oils are absorbed in their entirety by the hair and skin, providing an exotic and long lasting fragrance.
Packing 30ml


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